Happy autumn everybody!  I've been spending the last few weeks harvesting apples for cider, and cutting firewood for the winter - and playing lots of music!

Here's the latest news in Travis Knapp Music land:

Bound for Glory

On Sunday, November 15th I'll be playing on Bound for Glory with a fun crew of musicians!  It's a huge honor to play on this show, which has been a pillar of folk music for the last 50 years.  Please come to watch, sing, and dance live in the cafe at Anabel Taylor Hall at Cornell, with sets at 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30.  

I'd love if we can fill the room up to make this a really nice cozy celebration.  There are long breaks between sets, so it's a good chance to socialize with our oh-so-wonderful community.  And if you can't make it in person, the show is on WVBR (93.5) and online from 8-11pm.


The band will be: Christopher Gerard (percussion), Elisa Sciscioli (vocals), Desmond Bratton (string bass), and Angie Beeler (vocals).

"Bound for Glory" Faceboook Event

"None of Us is Alone" - Music Video

If you haven't had a chance to watch it yet, the much-anticipated puppet music video for my song "None of Us is Alone" has been released!  It was a real treat to film this out in Oakland, CA this spring, and the response from folks so far is that it's pretty uplifting and entertaining.  Can't go wrong with puppets and good friends!  

You can watch it here:  "None of Us is Alone"  -   Please share and spread this to anyone you think will enjoy it  -  it's a good message, that we all can use a reminder of (that when it comes down to it, we're all in each others' hearts, no matter where we are)!

"None of Us is Alone" - [Official Music Video]

New Album!

I've got a whole fresh batch of songs to share with the world, and it's going to take the form of my third full-length album - due out this coming spring!  It is, at the moment,  called "I Believe We Are Safe."  Songs will include new favorites like "Mama" [watch here], "Safe," and "Humble" ….

I'll be starting a crowd-sourced fundraising effort (Indiegogo) in November, to support the recording of the album, and to take pre-orders for the CD.  There will be many more guest musicians on this than in the past, and I'll be recording the whole thing at REP Studio in Ithaca, with sound wizard Nate Silas Richardson.  Stay tuned in - I can't wait for you to hear all of the new songs!!

Let's grow old together

The last few months have felt like a strong wave of building momentum and enthusiasm for my music, and I'm so grateful to everyone who has connected in to these songs to bring them to life as a conversation and shared experience.  Thank you for your support, encouragement, feedback, and grand inspiration!!  I'm very much looking forward to all that is to come.

When I was younger, I heard a songwriter say once on stage, "Let's grow old together," referring to himself and everyone listening.  This is exactly how I'd like to live my life, in connection with my fellow musicians, and everyone who comes to dance, sing, and smile along with the music!

Dear friends and family, let's grow old together :-)

Many Blessings,


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