Multi-Instrumentalist, songwriter, and 
folk-soul singer Travis Knapp is sure to put 
a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.  
With organically positive lyrics, 
earthy banjo-driven grooves, 
and evocative vocals, 
he carries a hopeful message of 
joy and sincerity.  

Piano, kalimba, acoustic guitar, and 
drone box fill out the sound, 
and the band often includes 
upright bass, hand percussion, and
abundant vocal harmony.  

During Travis’ diverse performances, 
exuberant sing-alongs and
 joyful dancing are

His latest album
"For Everything That's Good"

was released in October 2014, 
and the forthcoming 
"All the Stars You Hold"
 is due out in 
early summer of 2016

"Travis Knapp is a brilliant musician with a resonant voice. His songs are uplifting and strong, kindling a sense of hope and optimism. He is very impressive."
- Starhawk
(author and activist)

2 Honorable Mentions
(Best Male Vocalist + Top CD)
from the 2014 "Jimmies" awards


"Travis, you truly have a gift. Phrases were going through my head, like, "The voice of a generation," and "The new Pete Seeger." I imagine you've heard these compliments before, so I add my voice to them.
Also, I feel that people especially like music like yours when they can admire and respect the person behind the music. Your values, your honesty, and your love of life, the earth, and people, shine through."
- Judith Hendin (

"We met you at LEAF and you gave us your album as a trade for juice from our stand. We played the album on the ride back to town and were amazed at the quality and sound. Travis Knapp is an amazingly talented musician and an underrated gem that will surely be making big waves very soon! Sooo good!"
-Zack and Jenni (Roaming in the Raw)


After studying at the Conservatory of Music of Ithaca College where he accompanied singers and performed with Ithacappella, Travis was awarded the BMI John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship which he used to take permaculture classes and launch the market garden and sprouting company "Dancing Turtle."  With his feet now wet in the world of plants, he dove back into making music.  In 2011 he toured with the acoustic avant-folk duo Polly and Travis. In the fall of 2013 he traveled the Northeast and Southern Appalachia by bicycle to promote his first full-length album, "Bright New Way," released in October. Winter of 2014 was also spent on the bicycle, touring the San Francisco Bay area.  For 4 years, he served as vegetable gardener and musician-in-residence at the Body Mind Retreats (also home to the Ithaca Zen Center and Sufi Whirling Dervish Center).

Still living near Ithaca, NY, Travis practices permaculture, wild crafting, and regenerative agriculture, while he continues to explore music as an important form of sound healing and education.  As half of the community education duo "Rot and Roll", he writes and performs composting and ecology songs, including "Raw Veggies and Greens" from the Grammy-nominated album "Food for Thought."  He also performs and facilitates workshops with the Honey Child Soul Quintet, which is led by Elisa Sciscioli.  Live performances of electronic dance remixes of his songs by Astro Hawk (conscious dance music producer) have been getting people dancing, from NY to NC
.  Travis sings locally and across the country at festivals, farms, markets, gardens, schools, houses, cafes, tea lounges, bars, churches, circuses, sidewalks, TV and radio stations, yoga schools, hiking trails, weddings, funerals, showers, wineries, book talks, ecovillages, and art centers - spreading his positive music and ideas wherever they find fertile ground - in hopes of inspiring folks to live honestly and joyfully!

Some 2015 Performance Highlights:

Floyd Yoga Jam
Herbal Hoedown
WVBR's Bound for Glory
"Lean-to Tour" on the Finger Lakes Trail
Bramble Herb Shop Plant Sale
Sacred Root Kava Lounge
Press Bay Alley Markets
WVBR Tuesdays w/the Band
ICTV's Late Night w/Alex Cammy
Yoga Farm grand opening
Asparaganza @Good Life Farm
Ithaca Festival
Ithaca Farmers' Market
Ithaca's Congo Square Market
Provincetown, MA w/Starhawk
Twisted Tree Nut Festival
Dessert Nights at Body Mind Restoration Retreats
Diagon Alley Halloween
Ithaca Porchfest
House Concerts
White Hawk Ecovillage Equinox
Astro Hawk
Kirkland Art Center
Weddings, Funerals, Showers


"After moving with the sweet melody of his banjo and the listening to the inspirational words, I knew he was in the right place. Not only does Travis give advice to press forward during struggle and to take care of the Earth, but he also inspires me to be kinder to others ...."
- Morgan Lorraine (Herkimer, NY)

"Your music resonates those quiet, soft-spoken truths - with a booming bright voice. The message carries through whether playing guitar, piano, banjo, or singing: each carry your steady beautiful voice."
- Valena Beety (Morgantown, WV)